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The people of the Indian nation have well-accepted the products offered by MI India. It is mainly the smart phones sold by us that has captured the attention of the Indian market effectively. We at Xiaomi believe that, something wonderful is always about to happen to everyone. Hence, we came up with the idea of producing goods which can be sold at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of each item.

Smart phones when introduced in the initial years, were considered to be luxurious products which only the wealthy could own. However, our efforts towards proving such a notion as wrong, has led us to become one of the most popular brands of the world today. Our smart phones are made up of quality software and hardware, yet at reasonable costs. This has enabled us to make available these products at comparatively lesser prices which most people can afford.

Caring for Customers through various ways

Becoming a popular brand emerging from many struggles faced in the initial times, has not stopped us from being responsible to our clients. Even after selling our products to you, we care about your experience post your purchase. For enabling facilities related to the purpose, we have established several servicing units in various locations in the country. You could easily access information on the same from our presence on the web.

The relevant section in our official website can be found in https://www.mi.com/in/service/repair/ from which you could choose your city and find the nearest service center. By calling at the toll-free customer care number 1800 103 6286, you could also book an appointment at some of the service centers enlisted in our website. Our customer care division also offers hassle-free replacement of devices or parts, as relevant, with 100% secured payments as well.

Why you should approach our service centers

All the servicing units established by us in India and abroad, provide professional services by the well-trained employees we recruit in each of the centers. We have set up one MI service center in Amravati area, to cater to the requirements of our customers in the region. The details of this MI Amravati center could be obtained from the link mentioned above or by calling in the toll free number stated earlier.

If you are located at Amravati, you need not worry about any kinds of issues pertaining to your MI phones. Any query associated with the software updates or any issues related to the hardware of the phone can be easily dealt by these experts in our service units. You could pay a visit to the center any time between 10:30 AM and 07:00 PM to avail such services. If you require assistance in getting to know how to use certain features of the phones, our technical personnel would readily advise you with the relevant information.

MI Amravati

Global Services,Shop number 71 & 72, 2nd floor, Jyastambh chowk, Gulshan tower, Amravati, Maharashtra 444601